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Since 1999, mbh founder Mark Heath, whilst working on major projects for British Airways in the UK had a vision, to assist companies to create a managing by project world, through securing optimum benefit from the business activities that companies embark upon. mbh was born, and our consulting teams were engaged by our clients to assist them with portfolio, programme and project management.

In 2003 mbh became one of the first three training providers in Australia to provide formal VET qualifications in project management. Our training products and services were driven by our diverse consulting team, they continue to evolve through our links with industry and mbh thought leaders.

mbh over the past 15 years have worked across a variety of industries including, but not limited to, local, state and federal government, construction and property services, community services and health, manufacturing, finance, communications and technology, agriculture.

why train with mbh

  mbh founder Mark Heath, Director of UniPhi (Aus.) Pty Ltd a project management software company and non-executive director of Tektum, a manufacturer of future housing solutions, is published in several project management magazines and text books. Mark is an assessor with the Australian Institute of Project Management and a thought leader in industry.

Sarah Quinton, joined mbh in 2000, after serving in the Logistics Corp of the British Armed Forces and spending several years working with Australian manufacturing companies. Since this time she has successfully developed mbh training into a registered training organisation offering a suite of qualifications in project management.

Sarah has also worked as a consultant to many ASX 100 and large public organisations, with a passion for perfecting adult education techniques and guiding our clients. Sarah also has a degree in adult education majoring in human resource development, and has utilised this degree and extended research in adult education to create our approach to adult training and development. She has been pivotal in the development of mbh training’s experiential approach and understands the complexity of educating the mature age student.

Mark and Sarah, have presented at several project management national conferences such as the Australian Institute of Project Managers, and CPA national congress, between them they have 50 years of experience across project management.

Jack PeckJack is a semi-retired project management guru. Jack has been working in the field of project management since 1968 and brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion in project management. His passion is to transfer that knowledge to the young and green. Jack gains positive feedback from his students and maintains a fitness regime not for the faint hearted. He continues to be active in the project management industry providing advice and his training style is second to none. A class with Jack is not to be missed.

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